Thank You to Our Sponsors

Blackbaud would like to thank its sponsors for making bbcon 2019 a success.
Together we build a #betterworld

Gold Sponsor

bbcon 2019 sponsor Galabid

GalaBid is a global organisation with offices in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and the U.S. Since 2011, we’ve helped charities and non-profits raise more through industry leading digital solutions and superior service delivery. We partner with a wide range of organisations around the world that trust GalaBid to maximise their fundraising.

W: www.galabid.com
E: info@galabid.com
T: 1300 567 499

Silver Sponsor

Red Arc

Building the connectivity revolution – one integration at a time!
At Red Arc we believe that every organisation deserves great systems. And we believe that these systems should TALK to each other, without YOU having to spend your time making that happen.

W: redarc.systems
E: enquiries@redarc.systems
T: +61 2 8004 8949