Session Tracks

This year at bbcon we’ve grouped our breakout sessions into six dedicated session tracks!

Whether it’s acquisition or retention, real life customer success stories, the latest in fundraising innovation & trends, best practice insights and strategy, we have it ALL covered in six dedicated session tracks.

bbcon Session Tracks

bbcon 2019 Strategies for Success
The face of fundraising is constantly changing, therefore the recipes for success need to keep up with the times. This session track is all about providing you with key strategies to help you succeed in the future. Whether you are setting up a new bequests program or creating a Gifts in Wills marketing plan, our experts will show you how you can get ahead and help you create effective strategies for the future. This is your opportunity to check out some of the clever ways our industry thought leaders build highly effective teams by utilising a supporter services review and also how to build and sustain a grants program.

bbcon 2019 High Impact Fundraising
There’s no doubt that in our sector those willing to embrace change are more likely to make the most impact and succeed well into the future. That’s why we’re excited to showcase some of the sector’s leading executives, technology gurus and experts who will change and influence your way of thinking. From breaking down silos for better engagement and finding ways to stimulate Millennials, to building successful major gifts programs and social media campaigns, we’re calling on all aspiring fundraisers and social good professionals to attend this track. We’re also excited to bring together a panel devoted to showcasing how NFPs are working together to create amazing collaborative communities!

bbcon 2019 Data Masters
Data is a priceless resource, and the importance of data and strategy to the fundraising sector should never be underestimated. This session track has been designed with the Data Masters in mind. Whether you are hunting for the gold in your prospect or donor data, are in search of the perfect donor or finding ways to future proof your data, these sessions bring together some of the masterminds in this area including some of the partners and customers in the Blackbaud ecosystem showcasing their success stories.

CRM & Technology for Social Good is at the heart of Blackbaud so it’s not too hard to see how passionate our people are about making the most out of your CRM investment and ensuring you are achieving your mission and making a significant impact. That’s why this stream is close to our hearts. We bring to the forefront leading vendors, CRM gurus and experts who’ll provide best practice techniques, delve into the world of artificial intelligence and chatbots and how these innovations will change the fundraising landscape. We also reveal an exciting new solution coming to market in 2020!

bbcon 2019 Innovate Inspire and Lead
The social good industry is full of passionate people with innovative outlooks and resolutions to some of the sector’s greatest challenges. This track features real-life examples from the best leaders across our sector. Whether it’s unlocking the secrets to corporate partnerships, tools to help grow your fundraising appeals or driving change through purpose and innovation, this track guarantees to offer a blend of valuable insights from world-class leaders that will not only inspire you as individuals but also help you drive real impact across your organisation. You’ll be left in awe at the inspiring leaders we have lined up!

bbcon 2019 Higher Education
Year after year we’re excited to be able to bring to bbcon a session track devoted to Higher Education, Advancement and Development Professionals. In 2019, we have a rich session track that focuses on bringing some of the great success stories from local universities PLUS this year we are thrilled to also add an international flavor to this stream. The sessions focus on how to best utilise data to drive business strategy, deliver successful fundraising through data analytics and predictive modelling as well key insights and trends from a critical piece of higher education research conducted overseas.