bbcon 2019 Mobile Event App

The bbcon mobile event app will help you make the most of your attendance at bbcon.

The bbcon 2019 Event App is available for free on the Apple® App Store or the Google Play™ store. Just search for “bbcon 2019 Sydney.”


bbcon 2019 appThe app let’s you:

Frequently Asked Questions About the bbcon Event App


  • Personalising the App:
    • Create a Personalised Schedule and Set Reminders
    • Save Content to your Favourites
    • Take notes and Export Them
    • Rate and Review Sessions
    • Notifications
  • Your Profile:
    • Create a profile
    • Log In to your Profile
    • Reset your Password
    • Updating your Profile and Settings


  • Networking Tools:
    • Profiles
    • Search by keywords
    • Save Attendees to your List of Contacts
    • Bookmark Attendees, Sponsors, Speakers and Exhibitors
    • Send a Private Message
    • Connecting Through Social Networks
    • Mention Other Attendees in your Posts on the Activity Stream
    • Cross-Post on Social Media and Mention

The Technical Stuff

Downloading the App:

1. Download and install the app on your device via the Apple® App Store or the Google Play™ store. Just click on the store logos below, or search for  “bbcon 2019 Sydney.”


2. Create your profile by using an e-mail address. Once you have created a profile in the app, you will be able to connect it to one of the social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter).

3. Enjoy Social App Features – it’s like a private social network for bbcon!

iOS/Android Devices:

The app works on any Android smartphone and Apple smartphones and tablets.

Offline Mode:

You can use the App offline as well as online. If the app is opened at least once during a wifi connection, all of the data will be cached and accessible offline afterwards.

However, there are some features that require an internet connection, such as Activity Stream (posting, commenting), messaging, notifications, polls, Twitter feed, and the Interactive Maps.

Please also note that the number of files the app is capable of keeping cache may differ from device to device, which means that in some cases you should expect that not all images will show up in the offline mode.

Your Profile on the bbcon Event App

Having a profile you can:

  • send private messages to other user profiles;
  • post photos and comments on the Activity Stream;
  • rate speakers/sessions and provide feedback;
  • participate in polls.

How to create your profile:

Log in to your profile:

Reset your Password:

Updating your profile and settings:

Whenever you want to update your profile information or settings in the mobile app, follow these steps:

1. Access application’s menu and tap on your profile picture;

2. Tap the gearwheel icon in the upper-right corner;

3. At the next step, you can choose to update your profile information, change email or password, enable/disable notifications and private messages.

Personalising your bbcon Event App

Make the most out of the bbcon Event App:
  • Save app content to your own personal in-app list of favourites to quickly access it later

Create a personalised schedule and set reminders:

Save Content to your Favourites:

Take Notes and Export Them:

Take down quick notes right in the app associated with sessions, attendees, speakers and other content. You can export them via Message, Email, Social Media, whatsApp etc.

  1. Choose a section of the App you want to view;
  2. Choose the entry you want to take notes on;
  3. Tab “Add Note” button;
  4. Tab the top right checkmark to save your note;
  5. You can view your note in the “Favourites & Notes” section (note the two taps at the top of the screen; “favourites”  and “notes”);
  6. From here, you can export the note by tapping the export icon in the upper-right corner of the screen;
  7. Choose one of the export options.

Rate and Review Sessions:


Every notification that’s been sent to you via the bbcon app is saved inside your personal notification centre. In case a notification was sent, but you haven’t read it yet, you’ll see a red sign in the upper right corner of the screen. To access notifications follow these steps:

  1. Tap the top left menu button when you see a red badge;
  2. Tap the notification centre icon (the bell);
  3. View your unread notifications.

Networking Tools

Networking is one of the key parts of bbcon 2018. Our event app comes with a great set of networking tools that will let you easily connect, share ideas, and build successful relations.


Creating a profile is a key to unlocking access to other networking functionalities (e.g. posting to the activity stream, sending private messages, voting on polls etc). Set up a profile to get started.

Search by keywords:

Use the search option in the upper right corner of the People section to filter the attendee list by keywords. You can use a name, occupation, website, and virtually any keyword to search by.

Save Attendees to Your List of Contacts:

Use the built-in “Add to Contacts” functionality to save app participants to your phone’s contact list. Just tap on any attendee to enter his/her profile details, select the ellipsis icon in the upper-right corner, and hit “Add to Contacts”.

Bookmark Attendees, Sponsors, Speakers and Exhibitors:

Bookmark other attendees, sponsors, speakers and exhibitors to save their profiles to your personal list of favourites inside the app and be able to easily access the info later.

1. When you select People, Sponsors, Speakers, or Exhibitors features, you can add the items to your Favourites by simply tapping the star icon.

2. You can see all your Favourites  by clicking the “Favourites & Notes” tab in the menu.

Private Messaging:

Connecting Through Social Networks:

By entering the profile details of an attendee you can see the list of connected social networks underneath the “Private Message” button. Tap on the icon of any available network and select to view the connected profile or send a connection request from within the app – connection requests are supported only for LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can also connect with your favourite Sponsors and Exhibitors via social networks. Go to the Sponsor or Exhibitor menu, select the organisation you want to connect with and click the “see more” button below their web address. Tap on the icon of any available network you’d like to connect on.

Mention Other Attendees in Your Posts on the Activity Stream:

Ask questions, share ideas and comments addressing them to specific individuals in your activity stream posts. Just put the @ symbol and start typing a username to have the user notified when the post is created.

Cross-Post to Social Networks and Mention: